Community Program

SWMCCC Community Program was originally designed as a pretrial program or diversion. Defendants that reside in Billings, Bowman, Dunn, Golden Valley, Hettinger, Slope or Stark County, may elect to apply to the Community Supervision Program upon recommendation of the prosecuting agency and referral by the District Court. 

The Community Supervision Program helps clients find the resources they need to be successful in the community. The Community Supervision Program aids in finding housing, food, daycare, communication, transportation, medical and mental health referrals, chemical dependency and mental health evaluations, and chemical dependency treatment, among other resources. 

The CSP/ Community Treatment Program currently offers chemical dependency evaluations and intensive outpatient treatment (2.1) and aftercare for people in the Community Supervision Program, individuals on probation or parole status, and anyone from the community that may be seeking these services. They offer classes including DUI (16-hour course), Within My Reach, Thinking for a Change and soon will be offering Conflict Resolution. The program offers more affordable Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) with an income based sliding fee scale. They also provide Community Connect and Free Through Recovery services including Peer Support Specialists.

SWMCCC stands for caring, dignity, and respect of the individual; quality service; open communications; and teamwork.