DWCRC female residents receive quality health care services through the medical staff, allied health personnel and consulting physicians. The Medical Department is managed by the Medical Services Director (Registered Nurse). Doctor call is held by a Midlevel Provider (Nurse Practitioner).

A Contract Medical Director (a Medical Doctor) supervises the clinical practice at the facility. Nursing staff are on site 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. DWCRC contracts for outside physician services and hospital services including emergency services, inpatient and outpatient surgery, OB/GYN, laboratory and x-ray services.

Optometry and Dental services are also provided. Prescription medications are provided through a contract with the North Dakota State Penitentiary. Over-the-counter medications are available to residents for purchase in the commissary.

Prairie Industries

Prairie Industries provides opportunities to qualified residents as a cut and sew operation. The female resident employees learn job skills which will enhance employment when released. It gives them the opportunity to retain and sharpen present skills. The employees work a full eight hour day, five days a week. This aids in establishing good work ethic along with social skills needed in a positive work environment.

Prairie Industries is available for off-site contract work, such as weeding tree rows, picking rock, painting, and other various projects.

Each employee earns an hourly wage. There are four pay grades available in industries. This allows them to pay fines and restitution, provide support to family, and save money to help them get established when released.

Prairie Industries currently employs 15 residents and consists of three staff members.

Plant Services
Plant Services staff provide maintenance for all buildings, utilities and grounds at the institution.

Case Management
The Case Management Department consists of the Unit Manager, Case Manager and Case Workers that all work together to provide residents with guidance and resources needed for a successful release.

This department ensures that residents are met with on a monthly basis and work on necessary release and parole plans. This team also helps residents work on personal goals as well as making sure they are complying with mandatory programming within the facility.

The Case Manager and Case Workers help residents adjust to institutional living and provide the resident with a specific person to meet with regarding questions and concerns they may be having.
SWMCCC stands for caring, dignity, and respect of the individual; quality service; open communications; and teamwork.