DWCRC Visitor Information


In accordance with the philosophy of the DWCRC and the recognition of the need to maintain and strengthen family and other interpersonal relationships, the administration of DWCRC shall provide residents the opportunity to visit family and friends. Visiting is a privilege and DWCRC retains the right to deny any applicant or approved visitor if it is determined they pose a risk to the facility or they bear a rational relationship to a legitimate penological interest.

Phone Calls
Residents are not allowed to receive telephone calls, nor does the staff take messages. You may communicate through the US mail. Residents are allowed to make local or long-distance calls during specified times, depending on the housing unit, to those who have applied and been approved for the resident's phone list. All charges for these phone calls are at the expense of the resident or the person called. A phone application must be approved. Application found below.

Our current vendor for telephone services is Securus Technologies.  The resident can purchase phone minutes through our commissary system.  As an approved person on a specific resident’s phone list, you may set up an account through Securus as well.  The links to their website are: and The link to their mobile app is

Personal Property
Personal property is not allowed to be mailed in to residents. Residents are allowed to have money (money orders only) mailed to them. Residents have access to a complete line of commissary items and are also allowed to order items through various approved catalogs. Items mailed in from any other source will be returned to the sender at the resident's expense. The resident will have 30 days in which to complete this. If the item(s) is not sent out in 30 days, the item will be disposed of. Books, magazines, newspapers, etc., can be ordered and paid for by the resident. Gift subscriptions for magazines and newspapers are allowed to be ordered for the resident with prior approval from the property officer. All books, magazines and newspapers must be ordered and mailed directly from the publisher or approved vendor.

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